30th AGM Wrap Up

November 12, 2014 in Latest News

On the 8th November the Credit Union held its 30th AGM.  It has come a long way since its first AGM on 4th September 1985.  Four of the members who attend the first AGM also attended the 30th AGM.    Back in 1985 the first piece of business was that the monies in the Community Development Fund, $300, be donated towards improvements of the Community Centre, the same place where the 30th AGM was held.  The Community Development Fund has evolved into Maleny Credit Union’s Charitable Trust, with the trust being a registered charity. In 30 years the community has benefited with nearly $250,000 in grants being awarded.

The AGM saw three new Directors being appointed, Andrew Ticehurst, David Wright and Tony Ziemek. John Duthie after 12 years has resigned from the Board as has Michael Towsey.  Both John and Michael’s input to the Board has been invaluable.  John especially has seen many changes in his 12 years on the Board.

There was a ceremony with founding members signing the Credit Union’s Shared Values.  Member No. 1 back in 1984 is still a member today and was the first to sign the Declaration of Shared Values.  See the photos below taken at the AGM.