Changes to MCU Privacy Policy

March 14, 2014 in Latest News


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Dear Member

Maleny Credit Union has made some changes to our Privacy Policy that will impact all our members following changes to the Privacy Amendment Act in 2013. There will also be some additional changes that affect the type of information we give to credit reporting agencies if you have a loan with us. These changes will take effect on 12th March 2014 and are as follows:

Changes to Privacy Laws

We are committed to meeting our obligations and protecting your information as required by law. Our Privacy Policy from 12 March 2014 will include additional information regarding:

  • The types of information we may;

– request from you;
– how it may be used; and
– who we may disclose it to.

  • What information we may obtain from you through our website and how it may be used; and
  • How you can access and correct information we hold about you as well as how you can complain.

Changes to Credit Reporting Laws

The changes to the Australian credit reporting system will only affect members who have a credit facility with us. We provide information to credit reporting bodies to allow them to collate information in the form of a credit report. Credit reporting bodies collect and exchange information with credit providers, like us, to allow us to assess you for a loan or other credit.

From 12th March 2014, we will be allowed to provide a greater range of information about you including the value of your loan and whether you have made your repayments. You can obtain a copy of your credit report from credit reporting bodies. You will also be allowed to request that certain information be restricted for marketing purposes or if you think you may be a victim of identify fraud. Maleny Credit Union uses the credit reporting body, VEDA Advantage. They can be contacted via their website at or by phoning 1300 921 621 (option 2). A copy of their Privacy Policy can be obtained via their website.

A full copy of our Privacy Policy can be obtained from our website, , by visiting our branch, or calling one of our Member Services Team members on 07 5499 8988.

Kind regards

Rebecca Jones
Finance and Compliance Manager