Donations reach $8,000

February 20, 2018 in Latest News

Donations reach $8,000

Maleny Credit Union Club Rewards program benefits local clubs with $8,000 since it started mid last year.

32 not for profit organisations have benefited from this program with Maleny Neighbourhood Centre leading the way with $1,550 donated to their emergency relief fund.

“The donations from Maleny Credit Union’s Club Rewards has made some significant impact on our yearly budget for Emergency Relief. This money enables us to purchase food items, fuel vouchers and IGA vouchers to assist local vulnerable families and individuals. The MNC is partly self-funded unlike other Centres and all donations make a substantial difference to fund raising efforts we undertake each year”, said Nooreen Harris, Maleny Neighbourhood Centre Coordinator/Development Worker

Nicole Hilton from Maleny Credit Union says “when we launched this program we didn’t know the impact it would have on our community. We are bombarded with letters, emails, calls and drop ins thanking us for the financial assistance”. Nicole goes on to say “it’s such an easy way you can help local clubs. All we ask is that you put us on your shopping list when you are looking for finance. If you decide to go with MCU then the club of your choice will benefit”.