Pictured above L to R: Mark Ramke (President) Maleny Rangers Football Club; Karen Muir & Bob Malcolm (MCU CEO)

Congratulations to Karen Muir and the Maleny Rangers Football Club.  Karen financed her new home with Maleny Credit Union and she choose the football club to benefit. They received $250!

Your NEW Loan will help a Local Club

EVERY NEW approved and drawn loan at Maleny Credit Union will benefit local Clubs** from $50 to $250*

Maleny Credit Union acknowledge the pivotal role that clubs play in our community. Without them there would be no sports, service or recreation clubs where likeminded people can come together and enjoy their passion with others.  Clubs play a role in keeping us active both physically and mentally within our community and they would not exist without volunteers running them and keeping them focused. Sometimes clubs struggle with fundraising, and the staff at the credit union know this first hand as many of our staff are volunteers with local clubs.  The Credit Union recognises the need to support our clubs and with this program every NEW loan drawn down at MCU will benefit an incorporated not-for-profit club.  It’s the members choice of which club will benefit from within the program boundaries.  Call today on 5499 8988 to find out more. If you are in a club and want help promoting the program to your members, call Nicole Hilton at the credit union to assist you. A club will be rewarded for every loan drawn down, why not make it your club that benefits.

*Tiered payments calculated on the amount of the loan and at the discretion of MCU
** Within program geographical boundaries as set by MCU
Terms & Conditions apply

Call Sandra or Stephanie today on (07) 5499 8988

View the List of Clubs that have Benefited

Terms & Conditions
  1. $50 to $250 payment is tiered depending on the amount of the loan as per Reward Matrix.
  2. Payment will only be made to a club nominated by the member and must be an incorporated not-for-profit sport, recreation or service organisation and at the discretion of Maleny Credit Union (MCU) and within the program boundaries.
  3. At end of month MCU procedure, all loans drawn down in that month will be collated, nominated clubs will be contacted by MCU and fund transfers details sought.
  4. Funds transfers will occur within the first 7 days of the following month, into the club’s nominated bank account. MCU is not responsible or liable to the club where funds are not received into the club’s nominated bank account within 10 business days.
  5. A condition of the club accepting the money is marketing they have received the money from MCU as a result of this program.
  6. A condition of the club accepting is the money is to allow MCU to use photos and or acknowledge publicly that the club has been rewarded the funds.
  7. MCU reserves the right, at any time, to:
    1. vary these Terms and Conditions, including the amounts of payments, the eligibility criteria and process for payments;
    2. suspend the operation of, or close, the program


Loan Types
Green Appliance
Up to $10,000Up to $50,000
Over $10,000$50,001 to $100,000
 $101,000 to $200,000
 Above $200,000