Local Businesses Save Money & Footprint on Environment – Solar Initiative

In 2014 Maleny Credit Union initiated a business solar drive. The credit union walked the streets speaking to main street business owners selling them on the idea of a bulk buy for businesses to implement solar savings.

Ian Humphries from Humphries & Fisk then volunteered to co-ordinate the best deal with Negawatts, based in Maleny and owned by Gary Phillips the chosen supplier.

The installation is now complete with many businesses now making savings: Maleny Credit Union; Humphries & Fisk; QEC Services; Maleny Bowls Club and Maleny Paint. Hinterland Travel; Sweets on Maple; Black Sheep Booteek; Endeavour Op Shop and Hair on Maple have also now been provided with solar for common power and hot water.

Gary says “It is such an advantage for commercial properties to be on solar as they use their power during the day with minimal use at night so it really pays off for businesses”

Each business now has the advantage of using the Enlighten Manager APP which tells them how much power they are using and how much they are saving. For instance during March Maleny Credit Union put enough power back into the grid to charge a mobile phone for 24.4 years or fun a fridge for 6 months. So imagine the collective power back to the grid from all of these businesses.