Maleny Credit Union Take An Innovative Approach To Their Website Development as written by Fig Creative winner of the QLD Multi Media Award for Best Large Website

December 4, 2013 in Latest News

Since 1984 Maleny Credit Union (MCU) has operated as a successful community-based credit union. Whilst dedicated to providing professional financial services and management, social and environmental development and long-term sustainability are on the forefront of MCU’s values. MCU offers services parallel to those of larger financial institutions: savings accounts, term deposits, lending services, insurance, financial planning service, a free car search service and non-cash payment facilities, including VISA debit cards, internet banking, electronic funds transfer, BPAY and cheque facilities – MCU is dedicated to practicing socially responsible investment while offering everything aforementioned. Website Features Mobile-Friendly Design We talk about this a lot, and we talk about it because it’s important. Anyway, to reiterate: MCU, the tactical bunch that they are, have mobile-optimised their new website for easy navigation and a pleasant viewing experience on mobiles and iPads. Winning. Social Media Integrated Each web page offers users the opportunity to share on various social media platforms. An easy, strategic way to gain additional exposure, no? Integrated Branding An integrated brand is synergistic in that, if truly integrated, a brand becomes more readily known, recognised and trusted much sooner than if a brand were inconsistent with their brand communications. A key way we’ve created brand integration is by keeping colours, images, logos and language relating to MCU consisted across all MCU online platforms. Demonstrate, Not Just Communicate MCU wanted their website to not only communicate their values, but demonstrate them, too. MCU have historically been innovators in some noteworthy financial movements, such as green loans and ethical banking. MCU have exercised similar innovation and leadership in teaming with Fig Creative to create a website that differs from the websites of other financial institutions. For instance, look at the websites of Heritage Bank, ANZ, ING Direct, and compare how MCU have gone for a cleaner, much more accessible look by minimising text and emphasising meaningful images. Doing so demonstrates how MCU values transparency and accountability in their relations with stakeholders. Less Speaks More Less textual distractions means that there’s a higher chance that website visitors understand MCU’s core service: sustainable banking. See how the phrases ‘Your Financial Solution’ and ‘Sustainable Banking’ are highlighted by simply having less text? Doing so increases the likelihood of a visitor walking away with a much more specific understanding of MCU. This initial, fundamental understanding is also often what propels browsers to dig deeper. Clean web design incites curiosity; crowded web design incites overwhelm. We know that today’s society is information-rich and time poor. Our business strategies need to reflect this. Highlight MCU’s Value Proposition Demonstrating values and ‘saying more with much less’ are not empty strategies. They’re in place to highlight MCU’s value proposition, that is, put very simply, sustainable banking. We’re repeating ourselves here, but, really, it’s so important that organisation’s make themselves known in the simplest, most target-market oriented manner possible. Demonstrate, not just communicate. Say more with less. Sound easy? Unfortunately, it isn’t.