Maleny Credit Union to transform banking in the Sunshine Coast region

August 1, 2009 in Innovation

The Maleny and District Community Credit Union Limited (MCU) is reaching out to customers in the Sunshine Coast region and beyond with its new suite of banking technologies. The newly implemented Rubik Financial Card Management System (CMS) is set to transform member-based organisations in the region.

“The Rubik CMS allows cards to be used by any business in the region. So if an RSL club, local football team or even a consortium of stores wants to provide rewards or membership cards, MCU can now provide that service. The business will still own their customer database. The creation, management and servicing of those cards can be done via a web interface by the business. This is now available to any business in the region,” explains Greg Stevens, CEO of MCU.

MCU has chosen Rubik as its continued technology partner based on their flexible system and the breadth of services available. Those and more services will be implemented through the Rubik ‘Bank-in-a-Box’ platform, being launched in the coming months, making MCU the first credit union to take on the system.

“Having dynamic and flexible technology will allow MCU to deliver even better products and services to our members”, explains Stevens. “When MCU is ready to add new services for its members such as mobile banking, our platform allows this to be integrated quickly,” says Rubik CEO, Brent Jackson. “Our product design system will help MCU’s member’s access more sophisticated banking solutions as and when they are needed”.

“In choosing a technology partner it was very pleasing to find one that was socially aligned with MCUs commitment to long term sustainability. The flexibility and customer focused solutions of Rubik systems coupled with its NoCO2 accreditation has made this the ideal partnership,” says Stevens.