Maleny Credit Union’s Financial Literacy Workbook

We are very proud to announce that we have produced the Maleny Credit Union Financial Literacy Workbook for Year 10 students. It was launched at Maleny State High School on 22nd April.

The workbook consists of 22 units which will be taught to Year 10 students over 24 weeks.

At the credit union we have had many young people applying for loans to consolidate debts such as credit cards, store card debt and personal loans. It is plain to see that some of these young people don’t have a basic fundamental financial understanding. We need to change this culture, and give our kids the tools to make wise financial decisions to benefit their future and this is why the workbook has been produced.

With the help and contribution of Nev Dance who is the Head of Department for Maths the workbook will be printed in hard copy for the students to work with and refer to.

While Year 10 students are benefiting from the program, it is of benefit to all. As the workbook covers a wide scope of topics even our staff that produced the book were learning new things.

Nev Dance tells us that “the workbook is getting good feedback from teachers and the kids are liking it as well. It has brought some to life. Some are even coming back later the same day or the next asking further questions, so it is getting the kids thinking”

The topics range from Earning Money, Spending Money, Saving and Budgeting Money as well as Borrowing right through to Superannuation and everything in between. Each topic is finished with a quiz or gives scenarios. The scenarios give the class a chance to discuss between themselves, coming up with ideas and solutions, making the kids think.