MCU 30TH BIRTHDAY – Article in the Sunshine Valley Gazette

September 25, 2014 in Latest News

This is an article from the Sunshine Valley Gazette Wednesday, 24 September 2014.

When the Maleny and District Community Credit Union opened its doors on September 10, 1984, in the small rooms at 28 Maple Street, Maleny, it was completely staffed by volunteers, and managed by volunteer directors. In true Maleny style, the community jumped on board, and within two days there had been $25,560 in savings deposits lodged, and another $46,160 in term deposits.

Between 1984 and 1987 they operated completed using pen and paper, the old fashioned way, until Andru Martin was contracted to program their first computer in 1987. In 1988 the MCU purchased the property on the premises and they were able to pay their volunteer staff for 5 hours of the day, increasing to 7 hours in 1989. By 1991 they were able to start paying their staff as employees rather than volunteers and in 1997 their 400th member singed up.

According to business development officer, Nicole Hilton, the MCU took on a process of social auditing in 1998 to “improve the internal culture of the organisation and to meet its social responsibility credentials”. In 2002 Maleny became one of two “cool” communities in Queensland, under a government program promoting energy efficiency through new loans criteria. By 2010, the postcode 4522 (Witta, Maleny and Conondale) had the highest percentage of solar installations in south east Queensland, supported by the MCU’s Green Loans.

As the MCU celebrates its 30th year in business, it continues to improve on its outcomes for the local community and its members. “This year the MCU has reintroduced a form of social reporting as wel las more community benefit initiatives as part of our commitment to remain true to our core ethics and become a community finance hub,” says Nicole.  These recent initiatives include the reintroduction of the MCU Charitable Trust Grans program, the Business Solar Initiative and the Kick A Goal program, supporting more than 50 clubs and organisations under the MDSRC banner. “We’re looking forward to the next 30 years in business and there is much more on the horizon as the MCU continues to grow from strength to strength serviced the communities of Australia”.