Share Trading Procedure

*MCU provides a Matching Facility service only, which allows Members to notify other Members of their interest to either buy or sell member investment shares in MCU.

MCU does not operate a market, and therefore is prohibited from providing any information in respect of pricing of MCU member investment shares. Buyers and/or Sellers are not required by law to disclose pricing details of traded shares to us, but may do so voluntarily.  Members interested in buying and/or selling MCU Member Investment Shares, need to contact advertising Members directly to negotiate the sale. Buyers must be Qualifying Members of MCU. (A “Qualifying Member” is a current MCU member of at least three months standing).

Once an agreement has been reached between the Buyer and the Seller, settlement of the trade and transfer of ownership of the shares must be affected by the Parties. Procedure for Execution of an Off Market Share Transfer

  1. Settlement monies must change hands between Buyer and Seller, by arrangement;
  2. A share transfer form must be completed (Member Investment Share Transfer Form)
  3. Lodge the above duly executed share transfer form and original share certificate with MCU at the address below:
    Company Secretary MCU Limited PO Box 1099 MALENY, 4552

Once MCU has received the duly executed share transfer form, the transfer form will be reviewed to ensure that the trading Parties meet the eligibility requirements for a valid transfer. If the eligibility criteria are satisfied the transfer will be entered onto the Member Investment Share register and an updated certificate of shareholding will be issued to both Buying and Selling Members.